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Our Programs 

No matter your goals or your fitness level - from just wanting to be social and meet new people and move your body to wanting to step up your training and improve your overall health and knowledge - Grit Fitness has the solution for you !

 Our 45-55 minute programs are designed to ensure you get the most out of your workouts - by incorporating several different styles of training and training principles your body will need to continually adapt.

We educate you on understanding the fundamentals of the programs so you know what you are doing and why, combined with the support of our coaches and a high focus on the correct technique, we can take your training to the next level in a safe and supported environment that ensure continuous progression without the burn out.


Upper/ Lower

Half the room is an upper body targeted session , the other is lower. So you can focus on your most desired area.

The choice is yours, what do you prefer?

Every minute on the minute layouts



Full body target deigned to strengthen, 

shape and tone! Incorporating several different muscle groups and types of exercises.


Triple Threat

Three mini circuts to fire up your body

Keep the adaptions coming from one circuit to the next


Anything goes - Upper - Lower or Cardio

Finish the week strong  and give it every thing you have with what ever body part can handle one last session


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Location : 498 Scottsdale Drive, Varsity Lakes

Email :

Phone: 0412 196 675

Instagram : Gritfitness_centre

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